Portrait of a Predator


One day while working on a project outside on a farm in rural Costa Rica I had noticed a bunch of birds acting strangely, they were congregating and calling out loudly and filling the branches of the same tree above a dry riverbed so I set my project aside and went over to take a look. My armchair animal behavioral knowledge told me that this could be due to a predator being in the area and I was so happy to be right about that! Upon closer inspection I found an animal I have always wanted to photograph in the wild, a red tailed boa constrictor. The large snake was tightly wound around an unlucky iguana and its successful lunch hunt must have alerted the local birds. After seeing what it was creating all the commotion I ran to my tent to get my camera bag. When I had returned things had gotten a bit quieter with the birds. The snake was extremely docile and even curious at times extending its head and body out to my camera as seen in this shot. After a few photos I left the snake to its hard won lunch and after returning to the site 30 minutes later could find no sign of snake or iguana. It was an unforgettable encounter with a beautiful predator.