The Rescued Elephants of Cambodia

This wasn’t on the itinerary. Kellie and I were sitting in a beat up shuttle van, bags packed and in the back ready to head in a totally different direction. At this point we are both frustrated, its noon and extremely hot in Siem Reap, our van doesn’t have ac and 45 minutes in our […]

Portrait of a Predator

One day while working on a project outside on a farm in rural Costa Rica I had noticed a bunch of birds acting strangely, they were congregating and calling out loudly and filling the branches of the same tree above a dry riverbed so I set my project aside and went over to take a […]

Sleeping with Volcanos

I had first learned about volcano Fuego while I was in Costa Rica and the images the story painted in my head made it hard to ignore so I made a dot on my map, created another deviation on my plotted course north to Mexico and a few weeks later I was in Antigua Guatemala […]

Mosque Hopping in Istanbul

One of my favorite parts of my trip to Africa was actually the layovers getting there.¬†Turkey has seen a steady decline in tourism over the years due partially to terror attacks. One such attack, one of Istanbuls most deadly happened just weeks before we had arrived and left the city and most of the historical […]


Classic cars and bright pastel colors, Cuba proved to be the photography paradise I had imagined it would be and didn’t disappoint. Enjoy the gallery

South East Asia

Walking with Elephants at a sanctuary, getting traditional tap tattoos, and visiting a memorial to a horrible chapter in human history were just a few highlights of our amazing trip backpacking through South East Asia.

Floating Doctors – Panama

Floating Doctors – Panama. Kellie and I spent a few days visiting the nonprofit that she spent over a year working with on a remote island in Panama during our last trip out of the country. Rain or shine a team of medical professionals, students and volunteers travel by boat to provide a wide range […]