1973 CB350f


The bike was a barn find in Wisconsin that I have wrenched on over the years in between travels. I stripped the bike down and chopped it up a little bit to fit the cafe racer aesthetic that I am fond of but aside from the tires, bars, seat and tank is mostly stock. The bike has sadly spent most of its life with me under a cover stored at in my fathers garage but this year it finally made the journey from Wisconsin to Colorado where I have been consistently living at the same address for the first time in a long time and have the space for it. I had gotten it running and riding in the past before but it had since sat for a few years and the bike reverted back to its previous state of not running and after tearing the bike down and putting it back together again with new plugs, coils, battery, wiring, clutch and a carb rebuild it roared back to life and has been a joy to tool around our beautiful valley roads on. I have some pretty ambitious future plans and goals with the project but for now I am really happy with where it is at.