From the moment I got my first 35mm film camera handed down from my father as a little kid I was hooked and haven’t left home without my camera much since.

Exploring the planet we all call home and immersing myself in different cultures has contributed to my character and career in extremely positive ways. In recent years I have spent time traveling through Central America, Africa, Turkey and South East Asia and have had some amazing photo opportunities along the way. I always try to travel with purpose and partner with non profits as often as I can to donate my time and skillset to better their organizations and the people / creatures they protect. 

When I am not traveling I am shooting weddings ( and love working with brands to shoot products.

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Art + Design

Prior to stepping behind the camera full time I had been a career designer spending the better part of a decade working for some really great agencies on creative projects for fortune 500 companies, small startups and pretty much everything in-between. I have created illustrations, 3d renderings, and more for companies like Volkswagen, Harley-Davidson, Snapple along with countless startups over the years and love how creative graphic design allowed me to be on a day to day basis. I still freelance for clients and love taking ideas from the cocktail napkin to the big screen. I offer affordable flat rate design services on any kind of graphic design service you may need from logos to websites. Feel free to contact me with any questions! 

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